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KBH Campaign-Behind the Scenes

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 17, 2009

Check out this video by the Austin American-Statesman, who have been following KBH around all day today.


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Gallup: There are more Conservatives in America than Liberals

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 17, 2009

By Terence P. Jeffrey, Editor-in-Chief

( – Self-identified conservatives outnumber self-identified liberals in all 50 states of the union, according to the Gallup Poll.

At the same time, more Americans nationwide are saying this year that they are conservative than have made that claim in any of the last four years.

In 2009, 40% percent of respondents in Gallup surveys that have interviewed more than 160,000 Americans have said that they are either “conservative” (31%) or “very conservative” (9%). That is the highest percentage in any year since 2004.

Only 21% have told Gallup they are liberal, including 16% who say they are “liberal” and 5% who say they are “very liberal.”

Thirty-five percent of Americans say they are moderate.

During Republican President George W. Bush’s second term, the number of self-identified conservatives as measured by Gallup dropped, riding at a low of 37% as recently as last year.

According to new data released by Gallup on Friday, conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states–including President Obama’s home state of Illinois–even though Democrats have a significant advantage over Republicans in party identification in 30 states.

“In fact, while all 50 states are, to some degree, more conservative than liberal (with the conservative advantage ranging from 1 to 34 points), Gallup’s 2009 party ID results indicate that Democrats have significant party ID advantages in 30 states and Republicans in only 4,” said an analysis of the survey results published by Gallup.

“Despite the Democratic Party’s political strength– seen in its majority representation in Congress and in state houses across the country–more Americans consider themselves conservative than liberal,” said Gallup’s analysis.

“While Gallup polling has found this to be true at the national level over many years, and spanning recent Republican as well as Democratic presidential administrations, the present analysis confirms that the pattern also largely holds at the state level,” said Gallup. “Conservatives outnumber liberals by statistically significant margins in 47 of the 50 states, with the two groups statistically tied in Hawaii, Vermont, and Massachusetts.”

Massachusetts, Vermont and Hawaii are the most liberal states, even though conservatives marginally outrank liberals even there. In Massachusetts, according to Gallup, 30% say they are conservative and 29% say they are liberal, a difference that falls within the margin of error for the state. In Vermont, 29% say they are conservative and 28% say they are liberal, which also falls within the survey’s margin of error for the state.  In Hawaii, 29% say they are conservative and 24% say they are liberal, which falls within the margin of error for that state.

In one non-state jurisdiction covered by the survey, liberals did outnumber conservatives. That was Washington, D.C., where 37% said they were liberal, 35% said they were moderate and 23% said they were conservative.

Even in New York and New Jersey, conservatives outnumber liberals by 6 percentage points, according to Gallup. In those states, 32% say they are conservative and 26% say they are liberal.  In Connecticut, conservatives outnumber liberals by 7 points, 31% to 24%.

Alabama is the state that comes closest to a conservative majority. In that state, according to Gallup, 49% say they are conservative and 15% say they are liberal.

In President Obama’s home state of Illinois, conservatives outnumber liberals, 35% to 23%.

Gallup’s results were derived from interviewing 160,236 American adults between Jan. 2, 2009 and June 30, 2009.

Even though conservatives outnumber liberals in all 50 states, in 21 of these states self-identified moderates outnumber conservatives, and in 4 states the percentage saying they are conservative and the percentage saying they are moderate is exactly the same.

The two states with the highest percentage of self-identified moderates are Hawaii and Rhode Island, where 43% say they are moderate.

For a ranking of all 50 states by the advantage that self-identified conservatives have over self-identified liberals see the Gallup analysis here.

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Just a Little Company Get Together

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 17, 2009

Transcript of remarks made by Leo Carrington (who doesn’t exist) to a mandatory meeting of all employees of Carrington Automotive Enterprises, Inc. (which doesn’t exist either) on August 17th, 2009 at the Royal Payne Hotel (a purely imaginary place) in Norfolk, Virginia (which does, in fact, exist).

I would like to start by thanking you for attending this meeting, though it’s not like you had much of a choice. After all, attendance was mandatory. I’m also glad many of you accepted my invitation to your family members to be here as well. I have a few remarks to make to all of you, and then we’ll retire to the ballroom for a great lunch and some employee awards.

I felt that this meeting was important enough to close all 12 of our tire and automotive shops today so that you could be here. To reassure you, everybody is being paid for the day — except me. Since our stores are closed we’re making no money. That economic loss is mine to sustain. Carrington Automotive has 157 full time employees and around 30 additional part-timers. All of you are here. I thank you for that.

When you walked into this auditorium you were handed a rather thick 78-page document. Many of you have already taken a peek. You were probably surprised to see that it’s my personal tax return for 2008. Those of you who are adept at reading these tax returns will see that last year my taxable income was $534,000.00. Now I’m sure this seems rather high to many of you. So … let’s talk about this tax return.

Carrington Automotive Enterprises is what we call a Sub-S – a Subchapter S corporation. The name comes from a particular part of our tax code. Sub-S status means that the income from all 12 of our stores is reported on my personal tax return. Businesses that report their income on the owner’s personal tax return are referred to as “small businesses.” So, you see now that this $534,000 is really the total taxable income – the total combined profit from all 12 of our stores. That works out to an average of a bit over $44,000 per store.

Why did I feel it important for you to see my actual 2008 tax return? Well, there’s a lot of rhetoric being thrown around today about taxes, small businesses and rich people. To the people in charge in Washington right now I’m a wealthy American making over a half-million dollars a year. Most Americans would agree: I’m just another rich guy; after all … I had over a half-million in income last year, right? In this room we know that the reality is that I’m a small business owner who runs 12 retail establishments and employs 187 people. Now here’s something that shouldn’t surprise you, but it will: Just under 100 percent … make that 99.7 percent of all employers in this countries are small businesses, just like ours. Every one of these businesses reports their income on a personal income tax return. You need to understand that small businesses like ours are responsible for about 80 percent of all private sector jobs in this country, and about 70 percent of all jobs that have been created over the past year. You also need to know that when you hear some politician talking about rich people who earn over $200,000 or $500,000 a year, they’re talking about the people who create the jobs.

The people who are now running the show in Washington have been talking for months about raising taxes on wealthy Americans. I already know that in two years my federal income taxes are going to go up by about 4.5 percent. That happens when Obama and the Democrats allow the Bush tax cuts to expire. When my taxes climb by 4.5 percent the Democrats will be on television saying that this really isn’t a tax increase. They’ll explain that the Bush tax cuts have expired .. nothing more. Here at Carrington we’ll know that almost 5% has been taken right off of our bottom line. And that means it will be coming off your bottom line.

Numbers are boring, I know … but let’s talk a bit more about that $534,000. That’s the money that was left last year from company revenues after I paid all of the salaries and expenses of running this business. Now I could have kept every penny of that for myself, but that would have left us with nothing to grow our business, to attract new customers and to hire new employees. You’re aware that we’ve been talking about opening new stores in Virginia Beach and Newport News. To do that I will have to buy or lease property, construct a building and purchase inventory. I also have to hire additional people to work in those stores. These people wouldn’t immediately be earning their pay. So, where do you think the money for all of this comes from? Right out of our profits .. right out of that $534,000. I need to advertise to bring customers in, especially in these tough times. Where do you think that money comes from? Oh sure, I can count it as an expense when I file my next income tax return .. but for right now that comes from either current revenues or last year’s profits. Revenues right now aren’t all that hot … so do the math. A good effective advertising campaign might cost us more than $300,000.

Is this all starting to come together for you now?

Right now the Democrats are pushing a nationalized health care plan that, depending on who’s doing the talking, will add anywhere from another two percent to an additional 4.6 percent to my taxes. If I add a few more stores, which I would like to do, and if the economy improves, my taxable income … our business income … could go over one million dollars! If that happens the Democrats have yet another tax waiting, another five percent plus! I’ve really lost tract of all of the new government programs the Democrats and President Obama are proposing that they claim they will be able to finance with new taxes on what they call “wealthy Americans.”

And while we’re talking about health care, let me explain something else to you. I understand that possibly your biggest complaint with our company is that we don’t provide you with health insurance. That is because as your employer I believe that it is my responsibility to provide you with a safe workplace and a fair wage and to do all that I can to preserve and grow this company that provides us all with income. I no more have a responsibility to provide you with health insurance than I do with life, auto or homeowner’s insurance. As you know, I have periodically invited agents for health insurance companies here to provide you with information on private health insurance plans. The Democrats are proposing to levy yet another tax against Carrington in the amount of 8 percent of my payroll as a penalty for not providing you with health insurance. You should know that if they do this I will be reducing every person’s salary or hourly wage by that same 8 percent. This will not be done to put any more money in my pocket. It will be done to make sure that I don’t suffer financially from the Democrat’s efforts to place our healthcare under the control of the federal government. It is your health, not mine. It is your healthcare, not mine. These are your expenses, not mine. If you think I’m wrong about all this, I would sure love to hear your reasoning.

Try to understand what I’m telling you here. Those people that Obama and the Democrats call “wealthy Americans” are, in very large part, America’s small business owners. I’m one of them. You have the evidence, and surely you don’t think that the owner of a bunch of tire stores is anything special. That $534,000 figure on my income tax return puts me squarely in Democrat crosshairs when it comes to tax increases.

Let’s be clear about this … crystal clear. Any federal tax increase on me is going to cost you money, not me. Any new taxes on Carrington Automotive will be new taxes that you, or the people I don’t hire to staff the new stores I won’t be building, will be paying. Do you understand what I’m telling you? You’ve heard about things rolling downhill, right? Fine .. then you need to know that taxes, like that other stuff, roll downhill. Now you and I may understand that you are not among those that the Democrats call “wealthy Americans,” but when this “tax the rich” thing comes down you are going to be standing at the bottom of the mud slide, if you get my drift. That’s life in the big city, my friends … where elections have consequences.

You know our economy is very weak right now. I’ve pledged to get us through this without layoffs or cuts in your wages and benefits. It’s too bad the politicians can’t get us through this without attacking our profits. To insure our survival I have to take a substantial portion of that $534,000 and set it aside for unexpected expenses and a worsening economy. Trouble is, the government is eyeing that money too … and they have the guns. If they want it, they can take it.

I don’t want to make this too long. There’s a great lunch waiting for us all. But you need to understand what’s happening here. I’ve worked hard for 23 years to create this business. There were many years where I couldn’t take a penny in income because every dollar was being dedicated to expanding the business. There were tough times when it took every dollar of revenues to replenish our inventory and cover your paychecks. During those times I earned nothing. If you want to see those tax returns, just let me know.

OK .. I know I’m repeating myself here. I don’t hire stupid people, and you are probably getting it now. So let me just ramble for a few more minutes.

Most Americans don’t realize that when the Democrats talk about raising taxes on people making more than $250 thousand a year, they’re talking about raising taxes on small businesses. The U.S. Treasury Department says that six out of every ten individuals in this country with incomes of more than $280,000 are actually small business owners. About one-half of the income in this country that would be subject to these increased taxes is from small businesses like ours. Depending on how many of these wonderful new taxes the Democrats manage to pass, this company could see its tax burden increase by as much as $60,000. Perhaps more.

I know a lot of you voted for President Obama. A lot of you voted for Democrats across the board. Whether you voted out of support for some specific policies, or because you liked his slogans, you need to learn one very valuable lesson from this election. Elections have consequences. You might have thought it would be cool to have a president who looks like you; or a president who is young, has a buff bod, and speaks eloquently when there’s a teleprompter in the neighborhood. Maybe you liked his promises to tax the rich. Maybe you believed his promise not to raise taxes on people earning less than a certain amount. Maybe you actually bought into his promise to cut taxes on millions of Americans who actually don’t pay income taxes in the first place. Whatever the reason .. your vote had consequences; and here they are.

Bottom line? I’m not taking this hit alone. As soon as the Democrats manage to get their tax increases on the books, I’m going to take steps to make sure that my family isn’t affected. When you own the business, that is what you’re allowed to do. I built this business over a period of 23 years, and I’m not going to see my family suffer because we have a president and a congress who think that wealth is distributed rather than earned. Any additional taxes, of whatever description, that President Obama and the Democrats inflict on this business will come straight out of any funds I have set aside for expansion or pay and benefit increases. Any plans I might have had to hire additional employees for new stores will be put aside. Any plans for raises for the people I now have working for me will be shelved. Year-end bonuses might well be eliminated. That may sound rough, but that’s the reality.

You’re going to continue to hear a lot of anti-wealth rhetoric out there from the media and from the left. You can chose to believe what you wish .. .but when it comes to Carrington Automotive you will know the truth. The books are open to any of you at any time. I have nothing to hide. I would hope that other small business owners out there would hold meetings like this one, but I know it won’t happen that often. One of the lessons to be learned here is that taxes … all taxes … and all regulatory costs that are placed on businesses anywhere in this country, will eventually be passed right on down to individuals; individuals such as yourself. This hasn’t been about admonishing anyone and it hasn’t been about issuing threats. This is part of the education you should have received in the government schools, but didn’t. Class is now dismissed.

Let’s eat.

© 2009 Neal Boortz

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Here’s a great video of liberal astroturfing during these Town Hall debates

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 10, 2009

I want to be one of the first to show you what a bunch of hypocrites Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are for trying to claim that Republicans are the one’s astroturfing during these Town Hall debates over ObamaCare.

This video comes from the Republican Party of Texas and was filmed by the person standing right next to me. The woman in the video actually came up to me first, questioning me about whether the Young Conservatives of Texas “believed in creationism or evolution.” I kid you, not. At a health-care event, she actually came up to me out of the blue to question what my organization believed in regards to evolution. That’s the type of lunacy coming from these people.

Since I saw her with a clip-board, I asked the guy from RPT to please videotape her asking me that question so I would have proof of what kind of mindless attacks YCT and conservatives in general get at things like this. When the camera was turned on, she ignored my repeated requests for her to repeat her question, and that is when the guy from RPT began grilling her about being from Organizing from America and accusing us of astroturfing.

That pretty much leads up to the video clip here in the piece done by RPT. I ask that you please share the link to my blog to show everyone this video and spread the message about the hypocrisy coming out of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

Now, without further ado, here is the video:

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So Much For All That “Deficit Neutral” Rhetoric

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 10, 2009

The deficit grew by $181 Billion in July alone. Let’s see them try to pin that one on Bush.

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More People Are Starting To Become Skeptical of Global Warming

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 10, 2009

Click here to read the article:

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Edwards: Drowning out the same old Democratic song

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 8, 2009

Courtesy of the Austin American-Statesman:

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Last weekend, U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas, was greeted by a crowd of activists, myself among them, who made known their displeasure with the health care reform bill.

“Just say no! Just say no!” we relentlessly shouted.

He had it coming. He showed support for what has widely become known as Obamacare in his July 29 opinion piece in the American-Statesman, although he admitted the bill is “imperfect.”

That tells you something right there. A smooth, shiny eight-ball grown to global size will be much rockier than planet Earth. “Imperfections” may, for the sake of argument, be tolerated in a bill of little fiscal or political consequence, but if Doggett and his superiors in Washington want to turn the federal government into a giant HMO for hundreds of billions of dollars, to be paid for by generations to come, that thing better be polished to a high mirror shine. And he admits that it isn’t.

But, oh, it’s going to help you.

Doggett says the bill will give people “health care piece of mind,” cut costs, expand individual options and so forth.

For starters, if I hear another liberal Democrat claim that Obamacare will increase competition and thus lower costs, I might need a trip to the emergency room myself.

Government does not enhance competition because the government is not a business. It does not have the same obligations that businesses do. And it does not rely on its own capital to fund itself — because it has no capital. What it has is the people’s capital — via taxes.

If an HMO in Texas doesn’t live up to its contractual obligations to cover you for some ailment, you can sue it.

You won’t be able to sue the federal government. If liberals really love a level playing field, they will vote against such a travesty.

In Texas, we have an example of a government entity diving into an insurance market. The Texas Windstorm Insurance Association was intended to be the insurer of last resort, covering those living along and near the Gulf Coast who couldn’t get coverage elsewhere.

How has that worked out? For one, the last thing TWIA has done is spur competition. Au contraire, the agency has underpriced the market and sent private insurers, who can’t match taxpayer-funded prices, fleeing from the coastline.

Today, TWIA is called “the insurer of only resort.” That’s not how it was in the beginning. And that won’t be how it is if and when Obamacare launches. But give it time.

This past legislative session, Texas lawmakers had to scramble to fix TWIA because it was covering people for damages it couldn’t afford to pay for.

When TWIA can’t pay the claims, who do you think does? Everyone. You and I. Doggett should know this. Make no mistake: Everyone will pay for Obamacare.

Peace of mind? Really? Let’s look at another area of American life where the government has gone out of its way to comfort the people by providing some essential. I have never heard anyone talk about how grateful they are to the federal government (or state or local governments for that matter) for giving them “education peace of mind.”

America is losing its competitive edge compared to other parts of the world. Western thought itself, which served as the foundation of a free society, might be lost forever. The best bet for having a competitive edge in America, as everyone (including President Barack Obama) knows, is to go to a private school. But to liberals, the solution is not to give people more options — it’s to throw more of those same people’s money at the problem(s).

Obama’s health care reform is just the next verse in the same song, the liberal song of dependency on government for everything that government bureaucrats decide that we need — and nothing that they determine we don’t. Democrats have sung this song with the faithfulness of a church choir for decades. If Doggett’s precarious encounter with his constituents last week is any indication, it may be about time freedom rang again.

Edwards is chairwoman of the Travis County Republican Party. You can keep up to date with her on her blog, TCRP-Red Rose. You can get to it via my blogroll.

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Dirt on Doggett

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 6, 2009

This was posted on the Son of Liberty, another blog I encourage you to read. To get to it, go over to my blogroll and click on it.

The following information came to me through a contact. The info speaks for itself. So, enjoy:

First of all, Lloyd Doggett’s top 5 campaign contributors are as follows.

Top 5 Contributors, 2009-2010, Campaign Cmte
Contributor Total Indivs PACs
National Assn of Retail Druggists $21,400 $13,400 $8,000
Nix, Patterson & Roach $19,200 $19,200 $0
Acute Long Term Hospital Assn $8,525 $8,525 $0
Kindred Healthcare $8,000 $0 $8,000
Select Medical Corp $6,250 $6,250 $0
(Information about past contributions is also available on this website.)

Let’s take a look at these 5.

The National Association of Retail Druggists; I can find nothing online other than their campaign contributions about them under this name.
This is what I found out: NARD, the National Association of Retail Druggists, formed in 1898 was renamed NCPA, the National Association of Community Pharmacists in 1998.
Is this an intentional slight of hand? Or is there actually still an association working under this name? If they are one in the same, you should know this:
In a July letter to House Ways and Means and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairmen, respectively, Charles Rangel (D-NY) and Henry Waxman (D-CA), NCPA recommended that any new federally sponsored health plan employ a Pharmacy Benefit Administrator (PBA). PBAs, utilized by Medicaid and the military’s health plan, perform prescription claim processing functions without profiteering at the expense of taxpayers and patients.
• NCPA supports many of the changes proposed in the bill to the average manufacturer’s price (AMP) system, but, as the legislative process moves forward, strongly urges that Congress consider a higher federal upper limit (FUL) reimbursement rate for generic medications than 130% of the weighted average AMP. This is especially important for critical access pharmacies that serve a higher percentage of Medicaid recipients and rural pharmacies.
• NCPA strongly supports the provisions in the bill to exempt pharmacists from accreditation and surety bond requirements in Medicare’s durable medical equipment program. As state-licensed health professionals, these costly accreditation and surety bond requirements are redundant and will only serve to reduce beneficiary access to these important health care products.
• NCPA remains concerned about the lack of specificity in the bill regarding how payment rates under the new federally sponsored plan would be set. Instead, the bill should specify that the payments to pharmacies should include reimbursement for the pharmacy’s cost product as well as a dispensing fee, based on annual cost of dispensing surveys.

Nix, Patterson &Roach’s website sites these areas of service:

Toxic Tort Litigation
Securities Fraud Class Action Litigation General
Personal Injury Litigation
Nursing Home Litigation
Consumer Class Action Litigation
Business Litigation
Antitrust Litigation
Shareholder Derivative Litigation
FCA Litigation
Medical Device Litigation
Automobile Products Liability Litigation
Wrongful Death Litigation
General Negligence Litigation

I did find that their contributions to democratic candidates have increased to oppose lawsuit reforms. They enjoyed a healthy profit when they were one of 3 firms who sued the tobacco companies. In 2008, they contributed $250,000 to the Texas Democratic candidates.
This may sum up their reasons to support democratic candidates such as Doggett and tell us why Doggett votes the way he does: …
in Daingerfield, plaintiffs’ firm Nix Patterson & Roach is also pushing in new directions. “If today we were relying on personal-injury cases in Texas, we would be bankrupt,” says partner Nelson J. Roach.

Acute Long Term Hospital Association has this proudly posted on their website:

ALTHA is happy to announce that legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate which will extend the LTCH provisions under the Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007 for two years. HR 2124 was introduced by Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND), Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX), Rep. John Larson (D-CT) and Rep. John Yarmuth (D-KY) on April 27, 2009. Senators Kent Conrad (D-ND) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) introduced S.925, with 15 original cosponsors, just days later on April 30, 2009.

Kindred Healthcare: Mr. Paul J. Diaz who is the President and CEO of the company issued this statement as reported by the website on March 2, 2009.
“Mr. Diaz went on to comment on President Obama’s plans for healthcare reform. “As a provider of healthcare for over 33,600 patients and residents each day, and as an employer of thousands of people in 40 states, we support the President’s priority to reform the healthcare system. Post-acute providers, like Kindred Healthcare, are an important part of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the nation’s healthcare delivery system and we look forward to actively participating in the public policy process to advance healthcare reform.””

SELECT MEDICAL CORP; I found this little note about them at the website of Business Weekly:
Select Medical Corp. to Pay $5 Million to Settle Claims
Select Medical Corp. will pay $5 million to settle claims that it misled the public about its growth and financial condition. According to the lawsuit, Select Medical, an operator of specialty hospitals, was aware that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services planned to propose new Medicare reimbursement regulations that would have a negative effect on company performance. Despite this, it released the positive financial projections anyway. The settlement will benefit anyone who purchased stock in the company between July 29, 2003 and May 11, 2004. A hearing to determine fairness of the settlement has been scheduled for April 14, 2009.

And just to be sure I understood where he stood on issues important to me; I visited sites where his voting record was recorded.
I found that:
1. He voted NO on banning partial birth abortions
2. He voted no on a border fence at the Mexican border.
3. He voted no on informing immigration about illegal aliens receiving treatment at hospitals.
4. He voted no on defining marriage as one man and one woman.
5. He voted no on protecting the Pledge of Allegiance
6. He voted no on banning the desecration of the flag.
7. He voted no on ending the use of race aspreferential treatment in college admission.
8. He voted no on allowing prayer is schools during the War on Terror
9. He voted yes to prohibit oil and gas exploration in Anwar.
10. He voted no on authorizing new construction of oil refineries.
11. He voted no on lowering the marriage tax over 10 years by $399B
12. He voted no on requiring a photo ID for federal elections
13. He voted no on limiting attorney’s fees in class action suits.
14. He voted no on restricting frivolous law suits.
15. He voted no on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers
16. He voted no on prohibiting suing gun makers and sellers for gun misuse.
17. He voted no on establishing tax-exempt Medical Savings accounts.
18. He has acquired a 93% rating by the AFL-CIO
This is not including this year’s or some of last year’s.

Now, I do not wonder why he is claiming that the people protesting are being bought by some entity to disrupt his little public display. His pretense of actually listening to anyone other than the people who buys him is evident.

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6 Months Into Their Administration, More People Think Obama’s a Failure than Bush

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 6, 2009

Anytime the liberal media has to report something bad about a Democrat, especially when it makes George Bush look good, I laugh on the inside. That’s why I’m showing you the results of a CNN poll asking if Obama’s Administration is a failure or not.

Here’s how the story reads as reported by Real Clear Politics:

A rather surprising finding from the newly released CNN poll. Question three on the national survey of 1,136 adults (which includes an oversample of African-Americans) asks, “Do you consider the first six months of the Obama administration to be a success or a failure?”

Thirty-seven percent (37%) said they believe the Obama administration is a “failure,” while 51% consider it a “success” and 11% say it’s still “too soon to tell.”

An identical question was asked of the Bush administration in an August 2001 CNN/Gallup/USA Today survey.  At the time, 56% said the Bush administration was a “success” while only 32% considered it a “failure.” (Link)

And the headline of the Drudge Report today says “Day 200: Approval at 50%”. America is finally starting to wake up.

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A Great Cartoon

Posted by Orangeblooded Conservative on August 4, 2009

I saw this on Texas Insider and felt I must share it.

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